Ray Belleville

CEO of Company
  • Department: NetOps Transformation
  • Experience: 27 Years
  • Email: ray@
  • Phone: +1-781-960-5010


Ray has a very unique set of experience and skills set, often referrer as a “unicorn”. You’ve always heard they exist, but you’ve never met one, until now.

Ray has helped create the Internet we enjoy today, through many different iterations, from dial-up and DSL to MPLS and mobile networks. He has achieved a high level of competency, and made significant contributions in network support, engineering, design, architecture, network management, product design, sales and marketing.

Ray is equally as effective in a start-up as he in in a large enterprise, thriving in finding the right balance between both for the company. He is equally comfortable speaking with C-level executives as he is speaking the Network Engineers and Operators. 

Some of Ray’s career highlights are:

  • One a handful of engineers who built and supported the first Internet in Canada (iStar Internet)
  • Integrated ISPs across Canada, forming the first National ISP and first Networks Operations Center
  • Developed the D.I.R.E Network Operations and NetOps Transformation Methodologies
  • Architected a ground up 35 building University network that has supported R&E for 15+ years
  • Conducted the first trans-Atlantic 10GE performance testing between Carleton U and CERN, Switzerland
  • Deployed, supported, and provided architectural assistance for the initial build of AT&T U-Verse
  • Authored CCIE equivalent practical lab exams and courseware for Alcatel-Lucent
  • Achieved Service Routing Architect Certification (#18) – Alcatel-Lucent
  • Innovative flagship NetBrain features for Network Automation